A Public Discussion About Private Equity...With The Scribes Who Cover It

At the next “academic” – non-holiday-party – gathering of LFMP, you’ll learn everything you always wanted to know about media coverage of private equity, but didn’t know whom to ask. A top-shelf panel of reporters who specialize in PE will share their thoughts on these topics and others:

  • Does it drive away reporters when you can’t disclose the selling price?
  • What are some fresh angles that entice reporters to cover these deals anyway?
  • Beyond news of deals themselves, what is legitimate fodder for PE coverage? Trend stories? Personality-driven stories? Stories about market conditions? Or must it be all deals, only deals, and nothing but the deals?
  • How and what to communicate with PE reporters in ways that won’t make their blood boil.
  • The ubiquitous “etc.” – i.e., anything that’s on your mind.

The date is TBD/TBA but likely the last week of January. Don’t RSVP...yet.