LFMP April 27: How to Handle a Data Breach

April 27, 2016 - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Few firms have yet to admit it publicly, but cyber-attacks on their servers are happening every day - and many more successful intrusions are inevitable. The confidential data housed within those firms could move markets, cripple Fortune 500 companies, and embarrass the world's most powerful men and women. Moreover, a significant data breach could topple even the most venerable of firms if they mismanage the post-breach media blitz and lose the trust of their clients.

However, if prepared for properly - by assembling a sophisticated breach response team, developing and testing an Incident Response Plan, and doing as much of the communications work as possible upfront - a breach crisis can be turned into an opportunity to show clients how seriously your firm takes the responsibility of housing and protecting their information. With the right strategy that leverages social and traditional media, and accounts for a firm's diversity of internal and external audiences, the damage can be controlled and minimized.

Join us for a panel moderated by Infinite Spada Executive Vice President Zach Olsen with panelists including Jennifer Rothstein, a Director at Kroll; Scott Christie, a partner at McCarter & English; Peggy Reetz, a partner at Mendes; and Nicole Hong, a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, who will discuss how to prepare for and manage the biggest outside threat to a law firm's existence.

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