Brits and Yanks — Navigating the US/UK Legal Media Landscapes

May 22, 2016 - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

LFMP is excited to host in New York City the Editor of the UK’s Legal Week, London-based Georgina Stanley – in what will be a transatlantic special addressing our two countries’ respective media, lawyers and markets.

Many of us have felt the dynamics and differences between journalists and lawyers in the US and UK. What we do know is that the two nations are inexorably linked in commerce and language and more. American Lawyer Media has indeed just acquired the UK’s Legal Week.

London is one of the world’s most crowded, complex and diverse business and legal markets. How best to make your mark there? How best to generate meaningful media relationships to enhance your firm’s brand, reputation and visibility amid a sassy British media? What happens when it all goes wrong?

Joshua Peck will moderate a panel that stars Georgina, who will share her Legal Week insight and her take on the British media. She will be joined by four law firm media, marketing and BD pros:

  • Josh Epstein and Mike Kachel of UK-founded global law firms DLA Piper and Clifford Chance.
  • Ryan McSharry, a director in Infinite Spada’s London office.
  • Tom Freeman, whose US law firm Cooley launched into London just over a year ago. Tom is also the former editor of UK magazine Legal Business and a former Brit.

Chatham house rules, as ever (meaning nothing inside gets spread outside). We think this will be a cultural studies class you won’t want to miss.


Refreshments: What do you take us for, rude hosts? We’re British! (A big thank you to Mike Kachel, his firm and his team)

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